Email Marketing

If used correctly, opt in email marketing offers great benefits. They include:

  • Email marketing is quicker and cheaper to create than offline direct communication
  • Speed of (two-way) response.
  • Targeting according to user preferences
  • Personalisation
  • Immediately trackable and measurable
  • The “buzz” factor – users can share the message with others at the click of a button
  • Niche areas of interest can be reached

Search4Biz Ltd places strong emphasis on opt in email marketing – that is the recipient has given permission for material to be sent to their email address.

Search4Biz provide a range of opt in email marketing services. They include:

  • Email Consultancy
    Search4Biz provides consultancy services to help you gain maximum benefit from opt in email marketing initiatives. This includes contact database integration, contact acquisition, contact retention, targeting and segmentation as well as campaign creatives, deployment and measurement.
  • Email Broker
    Through its own resources and those of its trusted partners, Search4Biz acts as your email broker – sourcing rented lists that match the profile of your targeted market. The focus is on opt in matching. Search4Biz reviews the content, manages the mail-outs and reports on results.
  • Email Copywriting
    Using its in-house copywriters with extensive editorial and marketing skills, Search4Biz can maximise the textual content of your opt in email marketing initiatives for greatest effect.
  • Email Creatives
    Using its in-house designers and copywriters, Search4Biz can create effective plain text and/or HTML content for delivery by email. In addition, Search4Biz can create custom web-based “landing” sites and pages focused on the campaign content.
  • Email Management and Delivery
    Search4Biz uses cutting-edge technology to manage and deliver your opt in email marketing campaigns.
  • Email Usage Reporting
    Search4Biz analyses and reports on usage, clickthroughs, opens, trends, subscriptions, unsubscriptions etc.
  • Email Acquisition
    Using various techniques, Search4Biz helps you to build and maintain in-house opt in email marketing mailing list.