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At Clear Intelligence we are passionate and driven about supporting our clients and partners in the business of doing business well. Our team are  experienced and enthusiastic individuals with proven track records of success through a combination of great business instincts with excellent ongoing knowledge and training in our respective fields. We help our clients by combining business intelligence data with advice and assistance on a strategical and tactical level – from planning your business strategy to creating your web site or designing and printing your sales and marketing literature.

Intelligent thinking and actionable insight

The extent of our involvement ranges from assisting individuals in launching a new business to working with large established businesses looking to improve their turnover and profitability or investigate and penetrate new markets and territories. We also work with many UK Universities and Incubation centres in providing expert consultancy and business services to their start-up businesses and commercial projects. Our Information Pack details some of our work in various fields.

Our role is to help you to predict the future, reduce risk and thrive, we carry out the arduous groundwork leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best; be it growing organic produce or providing cloud computing services. We aim to become an integral part of your business and thereby mutually benefit from helping your business in increasing its profitability and efficiency.

We keep things simple and focus on achieving results through applying common sense and a measured approach. We can assist you from the ground up by building a long-term strategy for your business and then plan and manage all aspects of the sales, marketing or operational activities required to implement it. This might entail building qualified sales leads from our B2B or B2C data lists and then appointment setting through our telemarketing staff to designing and printing the marketing materials used to assist in the sales process.

We also provide a free business health check whereby one of our senior directors would work through an informal assessment looking at all aspects from sales and marketing tactics to potential opportunities in your industry to profile your business or concept. We then follow up with a concise but comprehensive report that outlines recommendations which can be actioned internally or with assistance from us.

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