Business Incubation Process

Business incubation is different to other forms of business support in that it provides a complete, tailored, hands-on business support environment. While business incubation is often referred to as the physical facility, many incubators support a virtual incubation process.

The aim for most incubation management teams are:

  • The running of a high quality, flexible, ’full service’ incubation environment.
  • Working towards a sustainable business model in its own right.
  • Quantifiable impact on the wider economy.
  • Be seen to be a catalyst for economic development, and that is creating successful, sustainable ventures.

Incubation is a resource-intensive activity therefore most incubation has to be selective. Reducing the risk to this investment means providing the best available support under tightening budgets.

With Clear Intelligence providing market intelligence services to a number of UK creative incubators, we’ve clearly demonstrated that its no longer a ‘nice to have’ service, but allows businesses assessing critical and key business decisions to access the clear facts and intelligence to act accordingly.