SME’s Overview

Clear Intelligence can assist your business or concept at any strategical or tactical level. We can advise how to position your business by assessing the threats and opportunities emerging in your industry and how best to align your organisations strengths and weaknesses to best counter or profit from these factors.

We can also increase your revenue by identifying which market sectors you should be looking to focus your sales and marketing efforts within to ensure that your business continues to thrive. Our expertise also lends itself very well to investigating and analysing new markets or territories for you, for instance we’ve worked with clients setting up new operations in India and China.

Once the strategy is in place we can help you in planning and executing the tactics required to meet the objectives. This may be on-line or more traditional marketing such as revamping your web site or undertaking targeted email marketing to clients or consumers who have expressed an interest in receiving communication for products or services you offer.

We can provide sales support by looking to provide qualified sales leads or even appointment setting for your sales team through our data and telemarketing services. Alongside this we can help your business internally such as sourcing suppliers that allow you to provide you products or services more cost effectively without compromising on quality or perhaps provide you with an innovative edge to strengthen your market position.

Making sound business decisions based on accurate information takes more than intuition, Business Intelligence is the process by which information is collated and cleansed to provide only the most relevant and accurate data, and then made available in its most useful form. This is another area where Clear Intelligence enters the equation.

We are experts in procuring information, which we can provide to you in the form of simple reports and Excel spreadsheets, through to behaviour profiles and complex trend analysis reports. It’s all about helping your organisation to predict the future, reduce risk and thrive.

For information on how we can assist your business or to organise a free Business Assessment, contact our Account Team on 0800 612 2674 or email us: