Market Snapshot


  • Comprehensive range of industry sectors – and segments within each
  • Use of industry recognised data sources such as Mintel, Keynote, Datamonitor
  • Valuable and real time data interpreted from multiple data sources
  • Provides current market position, trends analysis and forecasts


  • Investor readiness with valid, well sourced data via recognised sources – you’ll receive up-to-the-minute data for your business plan
  • Reduces business risk by giving you a better understanding of your market/potential customers
  • Experienced interpretation of market data plus accurate and clear reporting
  • Not just one view – such as that of a marketing consultant – a team of intelligence experts continually monitoring and assessing.
  • No hidden expenses – such as data costs

Our Information Pack details some of our work in various fields and contains more details on our services or
click on the Marketing Demo image on your right to see a brief video going through the service.