Outsourced Services

The more business intelligence you and your clients can gather, the better. Intelligence leads to better-informed business decisions. But many companies simply do not have the time and resources to gather and assess this vital data, which is where we can help.

Clear Intelligence offers the entire gamut of business intelligence services, including lead generation, competitor benchmarking, supply chain analysis and operational requirements. If business intelligence services are not part of your or your clients core competency, consider the benefits of outsourcing these services to the experts at Clear Intelligence.

The choice is Clear – by outsourcing to Clear Intelligence, you can rest assured you and your clients will receive up-to-date and accurate business intelligence whenever its needed, in the right format. we provide a professional and timely service that will leave you and the companies you are nurturing free to concentrate on running and growing your business.

Our experienced team members offer the flexibility and the know-how to integrate our services into your business initiatives. As one of the leading providers of market intelligence services, we help universities and support organisations to:-

  • Forge strong knowledge transfer partnerships by providing due diligence on specific technologies
  • Improve business development opportunities by providing skills gap analysis on industry sectors
  • Identify newly qualified leads for workforce development training
  • Assess the suitability of overseas companies for partnering opportunities via due diligence
  • Gain competitive intelligence on rival institutions such as pricing strategies, services and facility offerings to help grow and strengthen business networks.