Business Consultancy

Market intelligence provides the foundation for key business decisions on strategy, investment, valuation and impact. Identifying new opportunities, exploring new markets, and recognising potential threats ahead of competition are all key to the success of business.

We can help businesses to assess the risks and opportunities in their markets, the effectiveness of their strategy, and the impact their business has on the Macro Environment. All these factors are essential to establishing the best strategy for the business.

Our consultancy services provide practical and empirically-supported solutions using market intelligence tools. Our service combines strategic analysis with strong quantitative skills, and in-depth industry expertise designed to provide expert analysis on behalf of our clients. We have the breadth of experience to look at all aspects of your business from your online marketing strategy to sourcing specialist suppliers to improve your margins or product quality.

We also provide a free business health check whereby one of our senior directors would work through an informal assessment looking at all aspects from sales and marketing tactics to potential opportunities in your industry to profile your business or concept . We then follow up with a concise but comprehensive report that outlines recommendations which can be actioned internally or with assistance from us.

Individual Company Consulting

Assist senior management in the development of strategy formulation and execution.
Seeking to add tangible stakeholder value through its capacity to deliver powerful market insight.
Delivering practical, unambiguous, market objective based recommendations.
For more information on our extensive range of consultancy services or a free business health check please contact our Account Team on 0800 612 2674 or email us: